About Lale J Tausili

“We live on a placid island of ignorance in
the midst of black seas of infinity,
and it was not meant that we should voyage far”

-H P Lovecraft

I was born and raised in the beautiful islands of Samoa, lying 1,530 km south of the equator and nestled in the calm blue seas of the South Pacific. Here, you are surrounded by mosquitoes, family and  the ever present juxtapositions of culture and religion.

All my mornings began with a heavy dose of the many vibrant Polynesian colours as well as the equally countless conservative and antiquated ideas drifting from mouth to mouth and office to pulpit. Here free thought and individualism seems to sprout in its dark and hidden corners, like potent and virulent weeds ready to take on the crop. Creativity has always been in my blood, like the reverberating bamboo drums of my people, but my uncanny opinions and graphic expressivity exist only as my subtle form of anarchy and resistance. I wouldn’t change it though, I love the contradictions and the coconut trees that I call home.

I am a born-again christian but even that description is meaningless to most because I may not agree with what most christians believe. So what does that make me?  I don’t know, a person with a label, many labels and many things on my mind. That’s what I am about. I am just taking capture every stray thought in my head and binding it to page and text. I only hope that something amazing comes out of it and makes someone out there feel something, whatever those feelings may be.