my home

holding you close enough
so that I can sleep
soundly in the
shelter of your



let me make
a home out of

carving love out of
the beauty
of your skin
holding you close enough
so that I can sleep
soundly in the
shelter of your

I find my shelter
hidden deep
in the secret
passages of your

every moment of
my existence
is spent
knees bent
in worship
running my fingers
through your hair
and caressing
the form of you

when I leave the
comfort of You
I am left
lost in the
wilderness, dwelling
in empty huts
that satisfy me not
left with your scent
on my shoulders
like the aged scars
on my heart
your impression
is seen on me

In the end I
always return to
You, bruised
and weathered
and longing to
be one again
bound in embrace
and dwelling
in You



thinking of the great Robert Louis Stevenson and his piece Requiem.

Still oceans sing tides
Still as the sailors they bring
Still worn by the waves
Still waters they lay in
Still loved by their lovers
Still held by their kin
Still crying on the pier
Still as a sailor
Still sung by the tides

the queen and her crown

This is a contemplation piece of the traditional role and characteristics of a woman in relation to a man. There isn’t much of a resolution but I do wish to explore such in future pieces.

Your back felt firm beneath my fingers
All your life you stood proud
back straight, waist girdled and chest puffed up to the sky
From your first breath you spoke power
At the sight of your difference the world bowed
bowed beneath your back
bowed beneath your chest
slowly submitting to nothing more
than the space below your waist
the world between your thighs

As your sacred realm grew
so did your esteem and ego
And there THEY tell me
There, below Him lies my purpose
And so I cowered below your waist in search
Only to find nothing
After nights of deep motion
And endless devotion
I am left numb
And as you reach your climax
I am left with nothing but a whisper
floating from the shadows

You have stood behind His back
You have bowed beneath His chest
And cowered beneath his hand
You have placed both body and soul at His feet
But still you are nowhere to be found
Have you found yourself?
Where are you my child?
Where are you looking?

I have tasted the depths of His manhood
And my lips have embraced the nothingness of His name
And I find that nothing exists in it nor around it
Nothing for me, at least
I do not belong here
I am no more in Him
than He is in me
Our fleshly entanglements are but
Fingers running through the wind
Cries the Queen
While hanging from the throne of a beggar

by L J Tausili